First Discovery Is A Full Services Agency With 360-Degree Services.

Company Value

“Our people enjoy a personal stake in your continued success and take pride in what we do.”

We’re here to serve our clients

Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture – and we go above and beyond every day to prove it. It’s in our DNA.

We’re great to work with

We like to have fun, but we’re serious about results. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know our craft but are open minded and all ideas are welcome.

We are creative, but smart too & do the right thing

We produce clever work, but always keep the objective of each campaign top of mind. And recommend tactics that make sense, even if it means less money in our pocket. We find the most cost-effective means to achieve your goals.

We get to know your business

We keep abreast of what’s going on in your business and ours — so we can deliver the best marketing solutions possible.

We are results-oriented

Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most – the bottom line! Cool, award-winning creative is great – but tangible results are even better. We strive for both.

We’re passionate about what we do

We never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.